Company Overview

Tarpaulin & Canvas (aka Tarps & Canvas) was established in 1994 and has acquired a reputation as the Eastern Cape's leading manufacturer of custom-made PVC and Canvas goods.

Tarps manufacturing business. The business has made significant inroads into the PVC and Canvas markets and is dedicated to building a sustainable, strong and healthy brand. With almost 30 years of Brand name and very formidable business leadership, we remain intimately involved and operate the business from a 1000sqm factory in Braelyn, East London. Our factory has been certified as ISO9001:2015and Canvas is currently owned by Nande Urban Hub (Pty) Ltd – black female owned

We pride ourselves on quality products and service excellence. We have a team ready to carry out installations and on-site repairs. We can custom make anything from a tension curtain, picking bags, boat covers to roll-up blinds or chicken/pig house curtains. The business is ever-changing to accommodate the demand for the numerous items manufactured from PVC and canvas.

  • Vision Statement – Trusted Manufacturer in Southern Africa, delivering quality solutions and services to our clients
  • Mission Statement – Develop and deliver quality PVC and canvas solutions aimed at customer satisfaction
  • Values – Quality, Growth, Trust and Honesty, Integrity and Innovation

In 2018, we developed and patented the first tarpaulin portable water tanker system with a supporting structure and storage technology. Our knowledge was extended to new applications in the agricultural facility, industrial transportation, and water storage tanks. We have been challenging innovation with customised solutions which are developed to make the most of efficiency that drives success.

Porta tank is currently being exported in Africa, namely Tanzania and Seychelles, we are looking to expand our reach, the Porta Tank product relies on valuable partners with a solid sales network and authorized service points throughout their territory. We have partnered with companies for the distribution of the Porta Tank products. The long-term goal for Tarps and Canvas is to become the best choice for pvc manufacturing in Southern Africa, we can achieve this by creating a differentiated experience capitalizing on customised service. We plan to create an environment of expanding our exposure within the international market.

What does the company stand for

With a staff compliment of over 20 skilled workers, we have a proven quality management system with the main objective of guaranteeing the highest level of service to the customer, by working to continuously improve the effectiveness of our processes and product.

Our factory is certified under ISO 9001, we aspire to develop new products that meet the changing needs of the times. Our staff and team continuously help find innovative solutions to improve the efficiency, safety and durability of products and to increase productivity, our innovative tarpaulin, pvc and canvas products are integrated in our product line. In order for our customers to have high-quality products, parts used in the production must be of equally high quality. We have trusted suppliers and a system in place by which to control the flow of information from order, receipt to delivery, and thereby ensure high quality with the shortest possible lead-time.

Our Clients